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introducing the pups September 13, 2010

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There are a couple of blogs I dig for the periodic posts they make of their four-leggeds – particularly Tbogg’s Sunday Night Basset Blogging and The Daily Coyote. I’ve long been meaning to spread my own pups’ awesome to the interwebs, so now’s a good of time as any. I don’t have the camera gear/skillz to be able to capture moments quite like Daily Coyote’s photog, nor can I match Tbogg’s wit – but Dax and Shiloh’s awesome will just have to speak for itself, despite my limited means for expressing!

So to kickoff the periodic pup postings, here’s Dax: a delightfully crazy mostly-undomesticated Alaskan Husky sled-dog mix of greyhound, husky, and who the f*ck knows what else. She’s the fastest runner, catcher of squirrels, opportunistic food-snatcher, and all around magnificently bad dog of badness.

Dax pwning the couch

And here’s sweet amazing Shiloh – a double-recessive white Aussie who’s blind and deaf (Aussies born with no pigment in their eyes/ears = no working eyes/ears):


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