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so begins winter November 27, 2010

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This morning I have maxipads wrapped around my feet. Why for? Well it’s the ski boots – some design flaw in them causes the hard shell of the boots to rub the shit out of that knobby sticky-outy bone on the inside of each of my feet. I suppose since the boots are mass produced to fit the most people possible, the fault lies with my feet. So my MacGuyver solution = maxipads taped around the knobby bone. Results? Magical. Works better even than moleskin.

Today was my first opp of the season to get out and skijor <skiing pulled by dog(s)>, and the first opp to ski since ACL reconstruction in June. [Above is not a photo from today, is Dax and I doing the Mpls Skijor Loppet in 2008].  Was a bit worried that due to my somewhat decline in physical fitness since surgery (and quitting derby) generally, and the state of the muscles/tissues around my knee specifically that it would be a bit of a struggle to ski. I was happily surprised to find that my knee was awesomely up to the task. And my bionic knee was tested extra due to sketch trail conditions: not yet being groomed at all, comprised of lots of ice, and lacking snow in a few areas. I had to react quickly numerous times, with a racing part-greyhound attached to me, so as not to pitch forward on my face, and managed to not twist, torque or otherwise mangle muscles or knee. All in all knee felt great, didn’t experience any discomfort while skating/uphilling or anything else. A fantastically beautiful day + ideal temps and snow (even if trail was hacked) + knee healed enough + my brilliant racing Dax = win.

Thought Dax might be a bit out of shape relatively as well, as she’s galloping towards her 10th birthday in December and of late has been experiencing some lung/hacking nonsense that might should be investigated further. But happily – she was fast as ever, and her pace/endurance was right on track for a first run of the season. Now we just need some more snow to get the trail up to snuff.

The rest of the day will be filled in part with cleaning out the garage in further preparation of chickens. As with most things that turn out to be a bigger and more involved process/project, this preparation/building phase (for all to be ready for chickens) has turned out to be a lot longer than I planned/expected for, particularly given my lack of patience when it comes to longer-term projects. But is I suppose is not a bad thing – giving me practice on that whole “can’t always have everything right when you want it” and all that, as well as allowing me to be more thoughtful and intentioned in my continuing building/planning.

Well – and I’m feeling just lots of trepidation about chicken-raising-in-MN-winters. There are folks who just let the chickens work out keeping-cozy on their own, some folks who put heat lamps/heaters in the coop. So generally I’m feeling a bit foot-draggy about plunging in on the actual chicken-acquisition before I have all my er, ducks in a row? Because once the chickens are here – doing further mods to the coop will be difficult, and I don’t want poor chix to deal with consequences of my lack of preparedness.

I’ll figure it out, I’m sure. I’m happy for a somewhat free day to further retool and refine my plans, and to get the garage prepped for advent of chix.


1. Stefanie - November 30, 2010

I think you get an award for most creative use of maxipads! And omg, Dax is 10?! I remember when you go her and I’m sure it wasn’t that long ago.

therealtinlizzy - December 1, 2010

well and I wouldn’t generally go out of my way to get maxipads for that purpose – but for the odd reason we have a bunch of them that would never otherwise be used, and throwing them out seemed pointless, so it occurred to me that they might be just the thing to blunt-the-pointy-bone problem :). And yes – time certainly flies doesn’t it?!

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