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soup pr0n November 30, 2010

Posted by therealtinlizzy in Uncategorized.

Here’s some soup pr0n for you suckers to drool over on this half-assed rainy cold evening. Ok – that’s just mean, and I’m not a jerkface like that. If you were here I’d totally hand some over – I mean Jesus look at that pot full of root vegs and cabbage.

I don’t really follow recipes – I clearly have some sort of imaginary learning defect that precludes me following step-by-step directions. Like dyslexia (except dyslexia is real). Though if it were just a matter of just reading recipes backwards, I could probably still work that out. But it’s like my eyes decide it would be fun to only let parts of the information through to my brain, so I end up leaving things out or missing steps completely. Which is why Angie is my patron saint of all-things-baked, because one place you can’t fuck with instructions is in baking.

But back to not following instructions – here’s some non-instructions for you in the event you want to throw together your own Root Veg & Cabbage Stew of Awesome:

  • Chop up a shit-ton of celery and onion, carrots, parsnips, a rutabaga, a whole head of cabbage, some potatoes. Throw it all in the biggest pot you’ve got with some olive oil, salt and pepper it all until you feel good about life, then heat on medium until the root vegs start to get tender and the cabbage softens.
  • Throw in a big can of diced tomatoes.
  • Fill the empty space (not that there will be much) with veg broth of yer choice
  • Simmer it until it’s done. You’ll know when it’s done. Would I lie to you?


1. para - November 30, 2010

Yummy. Hey– I live near enough to you that I could break into your house, fend off dax and steal some of that soup.

Did it end up with a little pinky-purple color due to the cabbage? I love that stuff, but I’ve only ever eaten it raw….

therealtinlizzy - December 1, 2010

You totally could (break in and steal some)! Or hey – I could drop some over to you! I need to divvy it all up into lots of little freezable containers anyway, so I’ll bundle some up and leave it on your stoop!

And yes – the cabbage made it purplyish – it’s quite pretty in addition to being tasty. There’s just s/thing about cooked cabbage that I go nutters over – goes all the way back to adoring my grandma’s cabbage rolls when I was a kid, but yeah – cooking cabbage turns it into a whole different animal, er vegetable.

2. Stefanie - December 2, 2010

Yum! James makes an awesome what the hell is a recipe root soup too. His is creamy and almost sweet. We just had the last of our big frozen batch the other night 🙂

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