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Here’s to you, Ann Bancroft Foundation December 10, 2010

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It’s good to be part of a collective something again. The core elements I crave are present – a clear sense of vision/mission/purpose, a purpose to which I’m philosophically very committed, and being able to collaborate with a crew of dedicated, enthusiastic, talented, cool folks. As a bonus – for my particular role there are even some bits of fire-fighting to be done – something which I seem to have an endless penchant for. (I know – I just dropped a dangling preposition. Just know that I know. Which lets me off the hook.)

To give some background on the Ann Bancroft Foundation: this is Ann Bancroft the polar explorer, not to be confused with (here’s to you Mrs. Robinson) Anne Bancroft the deceased actress. In addition to her polar/Antarctic expedition pursuits over the years (talk about making the rest of us, no matter our past or present physical activity pursuits, look like a bunch of lazy slack asses!), Ann started a foundation 10 years ago to fund micro-grants “of $100 to $500 to girls in grades 6 through 10, who have a dream and need the financial and caring support of adults in order to achieve that dream.” The Ann Bancroft Foundation has also of late taken over Foundation IX‘s Let Me Play grant program, which has the purpose of “increasing girls’ participation in sport and organized fitness activity by eliminating cost as a barrier.” Ann herself is such an engaging individual that I’m happy panda for the opp to collaborate with her on any old thing really (hell – digging a ditch with her would manage to be an amusing and worthwhile endeavor), but working with her + having the opp to work with an org doing all of the above makes my birds chirp all around.

I’ve been interested in being involved in some way with ABF for a couple years now, but had no available real estate in my time/energy/attention-span. As luck would have it, this particular door to working with ABF opened in a most timely fashion after I’d retired from derby (serendipity is a delicious little thing), in the form of a cozy niche for serving as their database wizard: migration to a new database platform, a goodly bundle of importing, tweaking, cleaning-up and orchestrating of data, and just generally creating and making available resources for the foundation to be able to get at their data in useful/meaningful ways. As well it’s an opp to be a technical resource to non-technical folks, which is something I enjoy muchly. And not in the Nick Burns sort of way. *Move.*

Aside from my own little slice of workload which I’m enthused to do just for funsies, ABF is hitting all of my buttons of working/collaborating with talented and dynamic folks. The skills everyone brings are diverse, overlapping, and complementary, and they’re a dedicated, ambitious, motivated work-horse crew. It’s energizing to be a part of something bigger than me once again. I’d been fairly free-radicalized post-derby – a highly-charged little particle pinging around looking for something to react with.

So while you keep hitting refresh waiting for further bad metaphors from me – go Like the ABF on Facebook, and go to the ABF website to learn more about their efforts in funding ambitions and sports pursuits for young girls. And if you still need s/thing to do – go raid your couch cushions for spare change – there’s still time to donate to the ABF annual fund and getcher one more tax write-off in before the end of the year.


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