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Twitter trending tweeting tweaking December 17, 2010

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Went on a Twitter tweeting binge this week to raise $1000 for the Ann Bancroft Foundation. Stone Arch Creative (@stonearch) is a marketing firm in Mpls, and they sponsored a contest every day this week called My Tweet Wish where all it took was tweeting with the right hashtag for your non-profit org of choice, then come the end of the day, whoever raked in the most tweets won $1k for their org. And somehow (to the undoubted fury of my Twitter followers) the scrum of us tweeting like complete rabid badgers for ABF all day managed to pull it off and got Ann Bancroft Foundation $1k.

I might feel a little dirty, but I will say it inspired me to tweet about other things and to lots of other new folks, and to tweet more creatively than just blind repetitive robo-tweeting. And hey – $1k for ABF = 2 micro grants for girls – w00t. But I will say I won’t ever do that again. I do like the notion of Stone Arch using Twitter trending and tweeting for a grant-awarding contest, but think it needs some tweaking (“Twitter trending tweeting tweaking” – say THAT 10 times fast!). to happen under some different circumstances to negate propensity for robo/spam-tweeting, and generally to capitalize on innate and actual aspects of Twitter and trending as people really use them. Repetitive tweeting for hours and hours on end is not a native or clever use of Twitter as the social networking tool it is, nor does it do anything for actually engaging folks – either personally or for the cause/org in question.

Although perhaps Stone Arch’s week-long My Tweet Wish contest was not intended as a straight contest, but more so a means for testing run of a particular social media marketing strategy. They are a marketing firm after all, and what marketing firm worth its salt doesn’t see everything (and from every vantage) as a marketing opportunity, or at the very least a learning opportunity. In which case – happy to have been your guinea pigs Stone Arch peeps: I learned a few things of my own in the process (hope you did too!), and a foundation I like gets some cash. Win win.


1. Stefanie - December 20, 2010

I didn’t know you were on Twitter. I’ve found you now! Bwahahahaha!

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