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Chicken advent December 21, 2010

Posted by therealtinlizzy in chickens.

I’ve been a bit stalled in my chicken-raising pursuits of late. Construction of the coop was a bit more time-intensive than expected, and by the time it came to the nit-picky things like finishing the predator-proofing/fencing, fine-tuning the weather-proofing, finishing the inside, installing some extra roofing, etc – winter had arrived and put a kabosh on doing much more. Not that the cold weather was stalling me (ha – no not even a little, nope not me, never!) but due to a combo of my ignorance in raising chickens generally colliding with angst at “omg what if I freeze the chickens!?” I just hit sort of a natural speed bump on it all and fell to thinking I would wait until after the holidays to pick things up and get back to it.

Also factored into my foot-dragging is the fact that I’ve gotten involved with Chicken Run Rescue, a diy chicken rescue org in North Mpls, and as a result have become mindful of the logic in adopting a/some/all of the eventual members of my own little flock of chickens from those needing to be re-homed, rather than pursuing the usual method of chicken-acquisition – i.e. chicks via hatcheries. And some more meta conversation will happen later on all that – CRR, hatcheries, and other chickenalia (chickenutia?) – lots of interesting things to discuss, but for now let’s keep this car on the road.

So having been in a holding pattern on chicken-acquisition for a whole slew of reasons, as often happens – the world has turned, people have been met, things have happened and suddenly I have an opportunity to adopt a little scrum of chickens here and now, but in a fashion that allows me me to take my (relative) time in finishing my coop.

What’s-the-what is that some teacher/staffer in a metro are school decided that in 2010 it’s still a responsible/intelligent thing to hatch up a bunch of chix as an educational activity, then dump them once they’re done with them. Yes – I get that back in the 1980s when I was a kid, we societally still had lots of unevolved notions about animals and this course of action would have been the most normal thing in the world to do. And yes we can (and I’m sure will eventually here) have lots of conversations about our current collective and individual ethics (or lack thereof) when it comes to our relationship-with/use-of/consumption-of animals and animal products. But I would have thought that in the Twin Cities in 2010 it generally would be understood by educators that hatching a scrum of chicks for a class followed by “I dunno – what do we do with them now?” and dumping them on s/one else to deal with is an straight-up irresponsible ass-hat thing to do. It’s the kind of thing where I would experience great emotional satisfaction being able to just straight up punch the responsible party in the face.

But before I veer off into a ditch ranting…

Back to said scrum (16 total) of 6-week-old chix: last Saturday I went with Mary (she who runs Chicken Run Rescue) to the Humane Society in Golden Valley where we collected 14 chicks (2 had died, through no fault of the good AHS folks) and brought them back to CRR for their temporary settling in there while scurrying continues to find homes for them all.

My endgame for this whole long prelude? Looks like I will be adopting some of these chicks (here’s a quick shot of 4 of the 14):

Over the past week+ there has been much navigation of hurdles to make this an option – not the least of which was gainingprovisional consent from my sig to keep the chickens in the house (basement) until such time as they can take up residence in the coop for good – which entails a combo of being warm enough out, the chix being old enough to cope with the cold, and the coop being finished – all of which dovetails with an early spring timeframe. Provisional approval from sig was also based on getting a nod from the City of Mpls/Animal Control on housing the chickens despite permit still being in-process, which I’ve gotten.

So the upshot is that circa s/time within this next week or so (Chicken Advent!), I should be welcoming a tiny herd of chickens to this part of Newton Ave. And yes – to the horror of bird-phobic friend Joline – they will be living in our basement (in a roomy but cozy kennel setup, not just free-wheeling it down there) until the spring.


1. Stefanie - December 22, 2010

Oh they are so cute! Do you have plans to name your chickens at all?

2. therealtinlizzy - December 22, 2010

oh yes – the chickens will have names! So far Battlestar Galactica is in the lead for theme/names: the Battlecoop Galactica with Starbuck, Apollo & others…

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