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Of chickens and kitchens December 29, 2010

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Twas a few nights after Christmas
and all through the house
a few creatures were still stirring
but not the chickens.

Ok I’m not a good rhymer at the best of times – but what rhymes with ‘chickens’? There’s ‘kitchen’, which doesn’t really rhyme, it’s more of a spoonerism of chicken. In fact my Somali students (taught ESL for awhile a few years ago) always had a hell of a time keeping ‘chicken’ and ‘kitchen’ straight.

Maybe this’ll work, to hell with rhyming:

Twas a few nights after Christmas
and down under the kitchen
not a creature was stirring (i.e. because the rest of us are all upstairs)
not even the chickens.

Ok I’ll let it go. What – sometimes I get a little fixated. But back to the chickens. There is now a small posse of chickens in my basement. You go down the stairs and they’re right there. They’re about 8 weeks old, and they peep. Except at the moment – they’re sleeping.

They’re barred rock chickens, 5 hens and a rooster. The rooster will be a foster rooster (a fooster?) because a) roosters technically aren’t allowed in Mpls (although tell that to the folks down the block), and b) my sig has been a damn good sport to come along on (be dragged along behind?) this crazy chicken train just under the premise of me raising hens. Having a rooster in the mix yowling at all hours is where she draws the line and that’s ok. However since roosters don’t really turn rooster until 6 months or so, this guy can hang out in my crew for the time being while I work with CRR to find him an eventual home.

Mary and Bert of CRR were very kind to loan me the 4×8 dog kennel that will be the chicken posse’s hangout in the basement for the next couple/few months until the weather and coop conditions permit them to move permanently outside. After making trek to Fleet Farm Sunday morning to get all requisite chicken-keeping supplies, Mary and Bert came over that evening and helped me get it all set up. So today I took the plunge – went over to CRR and picked out my chiclets and brought them home.

I was a spaz in motion trying to get everything situated in the kennel – laying down about 20 lbs of “horse bedding” (i.e. wood shavings), placing perches (big branches) and roosts and nesting areas, food dishes, a dust bath (i.e. sand in a litter box), and a heater just outside one corner of the kennel that they can cozy up to (no it’s not outside, but my basement still gets pretty damn chilly in the winter), and other chickenutia. Finally I let the crew into their new digs and they made themselves at home right quick:

They even tucked into some leftover pasta I offered, in addition to their chic crumble feed. Apparently chickens can, should and will happily eat just about anything you have to give them (minus some key bits of do-not-feed – like onions, among other things):

So here we go. I’ve officially become a Chicken Chic. Hopefully that doesn’t progress to Crazy Chicken Chic. But then again – given they are chickens in my basement – maybe I’ve already breezed past Crazy Chicken Chik and am en route to Totally Bonkers Chicken Chic.


1. Stefanie - December 29, 2010

Your chickens are cute! Is the rooster in the pic? How can you tell the diff when they are only 8 weeks old? You know, the house down the street from us had a rooster one summer and the neighborhood loved it. The only reason they got rid of him was because he was too aggressive and kept attacking their human children. I miss that rooster!

2. therealtinlizzy - December 29, 2010

They are terribly cute – and their little peep-peep-peeping (esp when you bring them tasty things) is ridiculously cute. They’re roughly adolescents at the moment – so no clucking yet. And yes – the rooster is actually front and center standing in the bowl of pasta in the 2nd photo above. In this batch of chix the roosters are lighter than the girls, and their combs are more pronounced than the hens.

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