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The Pretty Decent, Not Bad, Terrible, Good Year January 1, 2011

Posted by therealtinlizzy in navel-gazing.

A very good friend texted me Happy New Years last night, and sweetly and earnestly asserted that she knew 2010 had been a suck year for me and that she hoped 2011 would be sunnier and better. And this friend both knows me very well and intimately knows the ins and outs of the sitch that went down to which she was referring.

And really – it wasn’t comparatively a bunch of No Good Very Bad Terrible awfulness: it wasn’t losing a dear friend/family member/one of my pups, losing my house, being jobless for a year, going bankrupt, or breaking up with a long-term sig. Well actually – that latter is exactly what it was akin to: breaking up with a long-term sig. It was breaking up with a long-term sig, as well as breaking up with a whole lot of variable-termed girlfriends – all at once. It was abruptly, unconditionally and definitively walking away from something that had been my life for over four years, something that had been a family (if a dysfunctional one), a church, a business, a collaborative and messy morass.

As such, and not surprisingly, abruptly leaving behind something of such perceived worth to me was painful, it was staggering, it was something substantial to cope with and move on from. But going back to my assertion – it wasn’t many other things that would be much more difficult to recover from or cope with. As I asserted to the friend who wished me a better 2011: 2010 wasn’t bad, and certainly not bad on account of all that coming to pass. In fact – 2010 was indeed very good, in large part due precisely to the tough terrible bundle of all of that, which gave me a huge, if not at the time looked-for, opportunity to shift gears and leap off through other doors. Which isn’t to downplay the discomfort involved or significant things, people and further experience lost to me by that door closing. It’s just to say that 2010 was a magnificent year, in spite of (and in part because of) the whole bundle of heartbreak/heartache, and subsequently moving on from it.

I cheerfully deem 2010 (for me personally) the Pretty Decent Not Bad Terrible Good Year.


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