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vegetation decimation June 17, 2011

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Alright, I will renege on my threat of lambasting (or just plain basting?) the chickens for pecking the living hell out of my cabbage and Brussels sprouts, as well as a 2nd round of decimating my Romaines. They are only, of course, only chickens – doing what any opportunistic leafy-green-loving creature would do, which is stomping/flapping/jumping anywhere they can manage that contains delicious leafy noms they spy with their wicked sharp little chicken eyes. The lambasting should be of my own self for not better securing the garden from the ravages of such brash, brazen and guileless plant-destroying feathered dinosaurs.

I’ve only bothered thus far to half-assedly secure the garden with jury-rigged segments of chicken-wire due to needing to yet finish wheel-barrowing the rest of the dirt into the last 2 sections of the space; it seemed silly to completely Fort-Knox the place only to have to dismantle my security measures repeatedly until I (hopefully finally) finish moving dirt this weekend. Supporting my half-assery – the chickens have been model citizens since I erected a nominal temporary barrier, they’ve politely stayed on the chicken-approved side of the chicken wire.

Until yesterday. I looked out the balcony door to see what the chickens were up to, and to my horror saw they were brazenly stomping around in the garden happily pecking the plants to bits. I sprinted downstairs and outside, and quickly shooed/threw them one by one out of the garden. In the case of any throwing – it was gently, I promise. They might be little wreakors of destruction, but they’re MY little wreakors. I surveyed the damage – which was mainly to the Romaine:

…and green cabbages (in the pic below) and Brussells (not pictured):

On the upside – as can be seen in the pic above – the chickens seem to have an aversion to purple-tinged things – thus overlooking the purple cabbage as well as the purple-freckled lettuces. I noticed their purple-tinged aversion some time ago when feeding them some mixed greens – where they left all of the purple-leafed bits behind. However – oddly enough they absolutely love full on purple things: grapes, full purple cabbage. So not sure the particular contours or breadth of their pickiness – but no matter, it saved some of my plants from winding up chicken fodder. And happily the chicken-nibbling seems to have left the nommed-on plants in survivable states: the Romaine will just keep growing new leaves, and the cabbage/Brussells – well we’ll see how they cope with having gotten nibbled. It’ll be mini botany experiment. Yeah.

In the meantime – I think, I hope I’ve locked things down until tomorrow.


1. Stefanie - June 18, 2011

Oh no! Naughty chickens! Hopefully it is early enough in the season everything has a chance to grow back.

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