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A possible opportunity June 24, 2011

Posted by therealtinlizzy in Uncategorized.

There’s a pro-choice/reproductive justice/abortion rights blog I follow, for whom I informally applied to blog this week. They asked for a writing sample – which I just completed and sent off to them to review.

It was a challenging writing assignment for me. First the sample needed to be under 1000 words. Now who on earth needs 1000 words to say anything, you might ask. If you so ask, then you’ve clearly never met me, or been the recipient of one of my noodly epistles. But if you must ask, suffice to know that concision is not one of the talents doled out to me in this life. Pair that with an undying compulsion to explain myself 9 ways from Sunday to make absolutely sure I’m understood in all ways of context and intentions, along with an occasional tendency towards ranting and a dash of self-righteousness – and I’m capable of some epically (if not entirely necessarily so) lengthy written communications.  So squeaking in under 1000 words, while getting in all of my notions and tangents and threads and explanations and background satisfactorily included? A feat for me indeed.

Secondly – I had to settle on a specific thread, and what I’m not particularly good at is just plucking a notion out of the air and musing/writing apropos of nothing. I do my most effective writing in response/reaction mode – responding to a thing, riffing off of other occurrences or others’ writing. So despite having a number of plates spinning in my life presently, or in recent history, that should lend themselves nicely to being written on – I was finding it hard to just pluck something out of mid-air and get going.

In the end, I found a thread to write about that engaged the part of my brain that writes.  Writing for me is a bit like trying to look at a faint star at night, where you can’t see it when you’re looking straight at it. But then when you look away from it, there it is, visible out of the corner of your eye. The harder I try to think/write directly to whatever I’m trying to get at, the more it eludes me and skips off out of sight. It generally only works for me to sort of noodle and write around a thing, and not try to go straight at it.

In any case – we’ll see if my writing is something they think would be a good fit for the site. I hope so, it’s a good crew of bloggers, covers a lot of perspectives and experiences, and reproductive justice is something that has emerged as a prevailing matter of import to me. And I would love a new and ongoing context/audience/interactedness for writing again.


1. fischeresque - June 24, 2011

Love the way you describe writing!

2. Preflash Gordon - June 25, 2011

I am picturing your tombstone someday saying, “Here lies tin lizzy, who had a challenging/reflective life filled with multiple opportunities for helping others, although helping others is of course also helping yourself in a satisfying and positive way, often with expected consequences, and just as often with ramifications/effects/hilarious results that echo backwards and forwards through multiple relationship layers…” and more of the same. The stone will be ten feet wide and twelve feet high. It will be covered with text in 10-point Helvetica. 🙂

How I love you. And your blog. ❤

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