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Tatting Moss June 14, 2012

Posted by therealtinlizzy in Uncategorized.

So the MCAT has been taken. Why-ever do we call it ‘taking an exam’? Taking it where? I can’t think of anything else we “take” in such a manner; “take” otherwise generally implies spatial displacement of some sort. As in “made off with”, or “brought along.” In that vein, I might have taken the MCAT out to dinner or for a night on the town. Or perhaps I simply ran off with it, eloped with it, am holding it hostage or swallowed it like a pill. But no – the only “taking” was temporal, over about 5.5 hours, with no spatial displacement.

It wasn’t the most onerous thing I’ve ever done – difficult yes, but rather enjoyably so. Lord knows if one feels that the entrance exam for med school, and whatever all studying/preparing entailed thereof, is worthy of gnashing one’s teeth or going all a-faint – pursuit of med school itself should probably be abandoned in favor of  more leisurely activities, like tatting lace. That’s no dis on lace-tatting, I couldn’t tat (tatt?) my way out of a paper-bag. I just suddenly wanted to say “tatting lace.”

Studying for the MCAT was actually quite an enjoyable pattern to settle into for 4 or so months; I progressed from a somewhat sporadic and scattershot grazing  sort of studying m.o. early on, to later becoming habituated with ignoring most all the things/people outside of (and occasionally during) working hours to fixate on devouring material, viewing Khan Academy lectures, listening to MCAT Audio Osmosis while biking, reviewing flash cards, cramming equations and formulae, and plowing through practice exams. I still have a couple weeks yet before I find out if/how-much all that supposed laser-focused magic pony-pants studying paid off.

Post-MCAT it’s been nice to catch up with/on some of the friends, folk and needful things I’d locked in a safe deposit box for most of those months, but having reawoke my appetite for targeted studying of hard sciences (as opposed to the leisurely pace of the science hobbying and autodidactictry I’ve been about all these years post under-grad), I now feel rather at loose ends.

But while I’m wistful for the ceasing of studies for the moment, certainly there’s no danger of moss gathering on this stone, as there are plenty of spinning plates (and mixed metaphors) to keep me rolling – including scurrying to complete the remaining med school application tasks (personal statement, acquisition of letters of recommendation, input of all the needful things into the AMCAS site, etc) by month’s end, working over the summer on getting an abortion fund (an organization that will fund abortions for women-in-need) off-the-ground and running,  continuing to provide tech/database support for another organization I love to bits, more candy-striping at HCMC, and having my pays-the-bills job turned up to 11 of late.

C’mon moss – just try and catch me.


1. Preflash Gordon - June 14, 2012

Having read all this, I now need to lie down from a case of second-hand exhaustion. But before I do, congratulations. I know you kicked MCAT’s butt … well, after taking it somewhere, I’m sure you did. I can’t wait to hear the results!

therealtinlizzy - June 14, 2012

Hey you! Hope your rig passes through town s/time soon so we can collide for some eats/drinks! And you can talk to me in CB code. Breaker 1-9, this here’s Rubber Duck, 10-4!

2. OrangeRuffy - June 14, 2012

I’m feeling full of Motherly pride. Somewhere I must have adopted you in a secret ceremony. Nice work sweetheart!

therealtinlizzy - June 14, 2012

Hold your pride until I actually have notification of acceptance in my mitts! But I’ll happily have you as an honorary mom – because you’re the raddest 😀

3. Stefanie - June 14, 2012

I’ve been thinking of you and wondering when the test was and sending out good vibes because the world needs doctors like you and I want you to succeed do badly. When will you get your test results? Hugs to you. Maybe sometime there might be space in your schedule to get together? Just give me a holler 🙂

4. therealtinlizzy - June 14, 2012

Supposed to get results 30 days or so after the exam, so another week or two I should get them. Thanks for your encouragement, and I agree, I know I’ll make a damn fine doc! Now to convince the powers-that-be of that :).

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