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Annual Outing to the British Arrow Awards December 15, 2013

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Tonight was our (we figured roughly 8th or 9th?) annual outing to see the British Television Advertising Awards, or British Arrow Awards as they’re now dubbed, at the Walker Art Center. I can’t recall by this point how I stumbled into/onto the BAAs in the first place; I suspect it was simply a random thing happened upon while casting about for some bit of entertainment for my birthday one year. In any case, the BAAs are now an annual thing for Ang, Jen, Lisa and I, so that no matter how busy the holiday season gets or how lives shift about, the intent is to always be able to at least slot in some quality catching up over dinner and the Awards.

The Awards themselves are an hour of award-winning (according to some UK jury of People Who Judge These Sorts of Things) ads run on British television. A number of the ads are quite frank and edgy, in some cases gut-punching, and inclusive of content much more provocative than anything that would be shown in the U.S, including ads addressing:

  • the importance of reporting child abuse
  • potential impacts of closing a women’s shelter
  • how the UK National Lottery apparently helps to support veterans. Seriously, people – I’m not even British and I don’t engage in lotterying, yet I’m utterly compelled to find some way to play the UK National Lottery due to being emotionally obliterated by this 2 minute spot centered on the memories of a Vietnam War veteran.
  • “Excuses” for texting-while-driving. I’m all for throwing these sorts of scared-straight PSAs at Americans, but sadly no – Americans have far too delicate of sensibilities to be subject to such frank unpleasantries
  • I’ll cautiously and with copious  amounts of OMG-TRIGGER-WARNING/WATCH-AT-YOUR-OWN-RISK-FOR-PTSD/FUUUUCK-HUMANS-SUCK-SO-HARD disclaimers for an ad showing the horrid practice of shark-fin harvesting/poaching against which my eyelids snapped shut faster than my fingers autopilot to flip the channel on a Sarah McLachlan-serenaded ASPCA ad.  I grant them an A+ for effect, but see also prior entry re: delicate-American-sensibilities

Happily – here are two friendly unicorn chaser ads, which I’ll kindly embed for your convenience:

  • Sheep dog herding pub dudes:

  • An ad for…advertising. How very meta, but I don’t even care because adorbs and awww:

And then there are those ads which serve as perfect studies in compare/contrast varying degrees of clever, amusing, creative with dim, derp, lowest-common-denominator:

  • Example of the former
  • Example of the latter (there were actually like 6 or so variations on this dim-witted, race-to-the-bottom theme, all of which inexplicably won awards)

See what Durex did there: woo-sex-is-teh-awesome CAN co-exist with a cheeky sense of humor WHILE not insulting half of the human species! See what Axe did there: chicks are teh dumb AND it’s-hard-out-there-for-a-dudebro-amirite. And while there’s plenty of the lowest-common-denom dim derp dudebros to keep Axe making bank long after my sexytime lady bits retire to an old folks home, it would be nice if there weren’t so many of them (dim-derps, not ladybits) dishing out Arrow Awards or curating ads into the shorted compilation of the Arrow Awards the Walker shows.

Other points of interest, honorable mentions or bits-to-be-mocked:

All in all a pleasant way to share an evening with friends,  even with emotional roller-coaster/PTSD-inducing ads.


1. Stefanie - December 16, 2013

Sounds like a fun evening minus the shark fins which I decline to watch. The dog herding was funny though. Good dog!

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