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For the love of a calf January 7, 2014

Posted by therealtinlizzy in India.

To be cross-filed under both “things I didn’t need to go to India to find/do” and “animals always trump anything/anyone/anytime anyway” is this befriending of an ox calf when we stopped to admire the view by the shores of a reservoir on the way to our last stop on yesterday’s field trip. Along the flats (not sure if they’re actual flats, not sure if I know what flats actually are – but I’ll call them flats), the local folks had their cattle and oxen pegged out to graze (I assume, hell do I know about local agriculture). This ox calf who was most near to us had a tree branch all caught up in its bridle (or, ropey head-harness thing).

We were advised while here most definitely to not touch/approach dogs due to their feral state (feralocity?) and on account of their being rabies vectors. I figured my risk for rabies-via-calf was low, and as our faculty grown-ups didn’t attempt to stop me, I approached said adorable snuggly calf and fished the branch out of its face/bridle. It was a bit jumpy/shy to start, but once the branch was removed, it was all friendly lovey-dovey (or possibly desirous of me merely as salt-lick?).

So, the answer to your inevitable question of whether I hiked all the way to India just to befriend a calf: a solid yes. My cousin on facebook asserted that clearly I should be pursuant of a career as a veterinarian rather than a physician. My response to that: it’s exactly because I’m a super weepy bleeding heart hippie over animals that I couldn’t deal with being a veterinarian. But serve as doc for humans? Somehow I find that prospect utterly palatable and doable. 🙂


1. Stefanie - January 13, 2014

Yup, you definitely made a friend 🙂 Back in the day when I was first heading off to college I had plans to be a vet but I quickly changed my mind because I am super wimpy bleeding heart about animals. I couldn’t make the jump to people though doctoring though!

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