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The O.G. Monster Peaces Out September 30, 2014

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"un-welcome mat"

“un-welcome mat”

I was emailing Dr. Bongard about Dax’s latest visit to the ER a little over a week ago, likening Dax’s continued existence, particularly this past 4 months since she so brazenly turned away from death’s door back in June, with the quote we all know from The Princess Bride’s Dread Pirate Roberts: “Good night, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning” but then 3 years later Westley remains. Dax has been rather like that for a couple years now, but most especially for the past four months: she goes a bit sideways, we’re pretty sure she’s going to check out – then she’s fine and all “what?”, yowling at us with that improbable voice to feed her right now or she’s totally going to call Dax Protective Services on us.

After having been allowed the gift of an extended warranty on Dax this summer, her nine lives came to a close yesterday. I said my final goodbyes and held her in my lap as she peaced-out, the one I considered my ‘daemon’ as borrowed from Philip Pullman’s deft imaginings of the animal manifestation of one’s “deepest essence…attached…by an inevitable thread, like an externalised soul”: Dax, the ridiculously wily, opportunistic, independent husky-greyhound – whose species’ civility and domesticity cultivated by humans over some 30,000 years she lacked entirely having been nixed right the hell out of existence over a few generations of sled-dog breeding and whose name really should have been Loki for the litany of pranks and shenanigans she pulled off (and in some cases survived) over a span of nearly 15 years.


Claire Seekins gets an enormous hat tip of gratitude for talking us into taking that little bundle of never-let-your-guard-down-again home with us back in Feb of 2000 during a span when Angie Williams and I were helping Claire and co. train sled dogs. And for talking us into taking her BACK a few weeks later when Dax was so taxing to our sanity (and possessions) that we gave her back for a week before getting suckered by our sappy heartstrings to take her permanently.

However, while I’m heartbroken and maudlin as all hell stumbling today over the muscle memory and minutia associated with Dax’s existence woven so deeply into the fabric of my life for over 14 years, I leave here a few photos/vids and a top-ten of sorts, a prospectus if you will, of a few of the more glorious exploits of my dearest Monster of monsters Dax: Skijor Racer Extraordinaire, Masterful Killer of squirrels (and other things), Expert Purloiner of Anything Remotely Edible, Professional Destroyer of Things Non-edible:

  • Eating a pan of lemon bars that were cooling on the stove (no really, she wrecked an entire pan of lemon bars, people)
  • Devouring a bowl full of Hershey’s kisses during her first Christmas visit to my mum and dad’s
  • Eating box-elder bugs by the mouthful:
  • Ripping a hole in Angie’s grandmother’s quilt (which I later had repaired)
  • Chewing the wooden handle off of the coffee table (which we replaced with a metal one)
  • Being the most awesome runner, roller-blade and skijor companion (being part greyhound served her well on speed!)


  • Shredding a patch of carpet & shredding a lamp (yes, a lamp) at one of Grand Superior Lodge’s cabins when we left her briefly alone to grab breakfast (oh yes, we paid replacement costs to GSP for carpet patch & lamp)
  • being regularly mis-identified by the kids in the neighborhood as alternately a wolf or a coyote, and even once as a cat (no idea!)
  • Leaving me for years with a parade of jackets and pants with the pockets chewed out due to presence of leftover treats (or the crumbs/remnants thereof)
  • Shredding countless dog beds and stuffies over the years:

  • Destroying one of the seatbelts in the back seat of the Jetta (required replacement)
  • Chomping off the very first of (and eventually the rest of) the tulips that bloomed in the backyard after moving into the house
  • Dispatching more squirrels over the years than we could tally (and one raccoon)


  • Chomping a crow mid-air as it flew past her
  • Receiving a permanent notch at the tip of her ear after getting to up close and personal with Angie’s cat
  • An improbable, piercing, ear-splitting yowl that led Claire to overnight a bark collar when taking care of Dax for us one weekend eons ago

  • Stealing the sock off of Sean & Andrea’s baby, while somehow not taking the toes with her (whew)
  • Getting banned (by us) from the airport off-leash dog park when she was 1 due to refusing to leave with us. We spent about 2 hours chasing her around the dog park and eventually drove down the road to try and prompt her to leave. A couple of years later she eventually grew a thimbleful of loyalty/recall-willingness, and got her dog-park privileges reinstated.

Dax, you will be remembered, and are so incredibly missed – you were the best even though (and probably because) you were the worst.



1. Stefanie - October 1, 2014

Oh Tara, I am so sorry! She was such a great dog. I remember some good stories about her and also meeting you and her at the dog park with Zilla. She had a good life and couldn’t have shared it with anyone better. Big hugs!

therealtinlizzy - October 1, 2014

Thanks very much Stef ❤

2. bookmanjames - October 1, 2014

Tara, you know, you think Dax is gone but last night I picked up a bowl that previously held some brownie and I’m sure Zilla had licked it out afterwards. So there.

therealtinlizzy - October 1, 2014

ahahaha – that’s awesome :). Well before Dax was even gone, last week the two other 4-leggeds Chloe (little butterball chow mix) and Rain (totally blind greyhound we just recently adopted) somehow between the two of them dispatched a squirrel in the back yard. We think Chloe might have stunned it and Rain then did his shake-the-stuffy-to-death to close the deal. And as of last night – Rain was suddenly all trying to horn in on our food just like Dax. So I’m going to think that Dax-dust has infused some elements of the Jenson/Needham household 🙂

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